Save a Centipede day.

This morning, while dusting, I noticed this lil guy on the floor. Since I didn't have my glasses on, he kind of looked like a lizard tail-- which is gross/sad-- my kitties have discovered their natural inclination to kill things that are little and move, so I've been finding a lot of dead reptile parts around the house lately... you can imagine the thrill when I discovered it was a CENTIPEDE!

omg. They are so cool. I love how their little legs move all at once. I was so happy I got to him before the kitties did.

The kitties don't accept the pacifist rule in this house, but they're cute.

I'm a little bummed out today because I invited a bunch of ladies over to my house about a month ago for a "girls night" tonight but no one is coming.

Zip out of 15.

Apparently everyone has plans now. I don't want to take it personally, but I did invite everyone a month ago.. and ya know, some people said they'd come, and now they aren't.. so.. it's kind of hard to not feel like the person people go to when they have nothing better to do. I'm just a girl trying to win over some hearts-- so yeah I'm feeling discouraged.

But whatever. People are flakey. 

I can't change that, though I wish I could.

Until then I will just save the centipedes.



  1. Oh man those people are huge flakes. That many people. That's a great deal of time to open up plans. I experience a handful of flakes myself and it's quite irritating! Not all people are flakes .. perhaps you should emerge yourself into a different group of people? Or try again. If it doesn't work, then don't give them your time.

    1. This is why I've always been friends with dudes.. But I don't wanna be like that because there has GOT to be a few ladies out there that I can chill with that are awesome, and are not flakey! Not sure I will try again with this bunch-- thisis my 3rd attempted with some of the ladies, so I'm taking the hint that they aren't that interested in knowing me better. Their loss.

  2. i have an agreement with insects in my home... don't be in my bed or towels and i will pretend i don't see you as you pass through. peace out, creepy crawlies.

    as for the no-shows, that is incredibly disheartening. my boyfriends friends are all about that. strangely it doesn't seem to bother him at all while it frustrates me to no end.

    1. Pretty much roaches and spiders don't have a chance in this house, anything else-- and living in fl there is quite the variety that make it in the house- is politely shooed out the door :)

      It really bothers me that I've been unable to find a group of reliable females to hang with-- but my fiancé is awesome and takes me for ice-cream and chocolate, and that's good enough. :)


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