Emerald Green Therapy

Oh my goodness.

First and foremost, I'd like to send a shout out and thank you to all of you sweet people who sent me encouraging words this weekend Re: Friday's post.

The short of the long is this: We thought this issue was reconciled after a Battle Royale Friday night between myself, R and the offending party. But then Sunday morning there was a call that made us question the authenticity of the offenders apology-- as this person wanted to make sure that we did not discuss the slanderous insults this person spewed at me to the rest of the family.

I personally have no issue keeping what this person said between, us (and my blog) but I do have a problem with someone apologizing to save face and not for the sake of rebuilding our relationship-- My feelings were genuinely hurt and R was quite angry that this person would flat out lie about my behaviors during Fridays conversation-- Yes-- this person called R to do some "damage control" and claimed that I was the one who was out of line.

What it comes down to is when you are in conflict with someone, it is always best to be honest about how it went down. The dishonesty that ensued on Friday night really broke the bond R thought he had with this person-- and the only person to blame for that is the person who chose to lie. 

What it comes down to is the whole situation is a mess-- No one wins in these kinds of situations. It really meant the world to me that R so fiercely and directly defended my honor-- however it kills me knowing how angry he really is at this person-- I think what it comes down to is a broken heart.

I am just really hoping it actually gets better. I am optimistically cautious-- the good part: R and I have reached a new level of closeness.

We're war buddies now. 

So considering our stomachs were twisted in knots all weekend from family stress-- we decided to go to "therapy."

The ocean was powerful and turbulent. Had it been a little warmer I would have gone for a swim. My favorite time to swim in the ocean is when its roaring and warm-- I love jumping into the waves, swimming against the currents-- its a good time.

We are also sad to say we didn't get the duplex we wanted-- someone threw in an offer we couldn't beat.. SO-- I guess it wasn't meant to happen. We are looking at a similar property down the street-- that we just got the okay for-- so we just want to make sure they will let us paint and put up a privacy fence, and we're good to go. Now I am really trying to not get my hopes up!

Last week was a frustrating week for us, so this week we're focused, and ready to kick some boo-tay. 

So that's all folks.

What goin on in your world?




  1. This person seems like they have a LOT of growing up to do. The only good thing I can see from the "damage control" calls made, was that they realized how much they messed up. They didn't want the family to know because they knew how bad it would make them look. I'm assuming the "apology" was after R talked to them?
    And I'm sorry about the duplex, I know you guys will find the perfect place though soon enough, hopefully the one down the street will come through!
    And I'm glad that R defended you like that. It always makes me feel incredible when the man I love stands up for me!
    Have a good week! <3

  2. Best kind of therapy :) And I hope this person comes to see the error of their ways...This whole situation just seems so bizarre. And I know what you mean by a "new level of closeness"...when Rob and I first got together and when he was in the Army I had a lot of run-ins with my in-laws and it always showed me just how awesome of a team we were :)


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