Oh, Valentine.

I always hated Valentines day.

In middle school, the student counsel would sell carnations and my friends and I would all buy each other a couple so we wouldn't feel bad about not having boyfriends or something. Occasionally one of us would get one from S.O.S, but usually we just sent them to each other so we could prance around with cheap flowers that somehow gave us some self worth and validated our popularity. (Ugh, middle school is the worst)

I remember one time I sent an "SOS" to this girl in my class who had no friends. Every time valentines day comes around I think about sitting in Mr. Phillips 6th grade social studies class where this girl received the last thing she was expecting for the day, a white carnation.

On the love-gram or whatever, I wrote..  A flower and smile for you!

...and smile she did.  

I wasn't trying to make her think she had a secret admirer or anything, I just always felt so bad that she was alone all the time, and I just wasn't a good enough person back then to be friends with someone who was not already accepted in "the group." But I did send her a flower, and even in retrospect I know I sent it with good intentions.

 I am glad I have this memory because it reminds me that we aren't always going to have the best kind of friends in our life, we aren't always going to have someone to come home to, and we aren't always going to be showered with gifts and flowers, and sometimes loving another person is really hard work.. but we always have the opportunity to love ourselves and create moments that we are proud of.

Love happens around here all the time, so I don't think we are going to do anything special tonight-- except maybe an extra 15 mins of cardio at the gym-- and maybe I will cut R's chicken into a heart shape or something... but I just wanted to say..

If you don't have a valentine and you are bah-humbugging the day-- I don't blame you!!
Just remember it will be over tomorrow!

Happy Valentines Days! 

...and if you don't feel loved by anyone else, just know that I love you and R does too!



  1. I love you guys!! Happy valentines day!
    By the way, that is the sweetest story I have ever heard. You are such a sweet heart, I am so glad to know you!

  2. My middle school did the carnation thing too. I HATED it. A couple of my friends would by carnations for me and for each other, but my family never had any extra money, and I couldn't dream of asking my mom for money to buy carnations for my friends, so I could never reciprocate, and that always made me feel bad, on top of feeling bad that no secret admirer was sending me a carnation. Oh my god, middle school was indeed THE WORST. Such a sweet story of you sending the girl a flower. I bet that totally brightened her day. Maybe her year.

    Love you lady, and all the light you bring into the world. <3

    1. When I was in middle school I always saved 1/2 of my lunch money so I had a secret stash of cash, I always felt bad asking my mom for money too.

      and have I mentioned I am glad you are back to blogging! :D Love seeing your pretty face around here!

      love to you!

  3. Aww look at you two! Happy Valentine's day :]

  4. Always hated Valentine's Day at school because I was always the Ugly Betty who got no cards while all my friends got heaps of romantic messages. I ended up sending myself a card so I could flaunt it in front of them but they knew no one in their right mind would send me a card. Still times change and I don't worry now when I get forgotten. Hubby hugged me yesterday...that's enough for me.
    Lovely to 'meet you'. Many thanks for leaving a comment at my blog yesterday. Hope to see you again. By the way, I am following you...it makes me feel younger!

  5. :) thanks for stopping by... I think I found your blog a few months ago but yesterday may have been the first time I commented.. Glad you had a good day yesterday :)

  6. Aww cute :) I was the same way as a kid---not confident enough to reach out to less "popular" girls--and I hate myself for it now. But what can you do? Hope you guys had a great day :)

  7. This is one of the sweetness V-Day post I have read. Thanks, it was very touching.

  8. Much love to you both, Ryan and R! That photo is positively adorable! I was very touched to read your middle school story. A lot of people undervalue how much a random act of kindness can do for the world. How many suicides were prevented by the kindness of just one person? If you've ever followed PostSecret a lot of the cards are all about that. Whoever that girl is, no doubt she remembers that flower to this day...and hopefully it gives her a reason to smile even now.

    Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day :)



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