Grammy's: Love it or hate it?

So last night I watched the Grammy Awards. I totally forgot they were on, but I was reading about poor Whitney Houston-- so, then I remembered.

I like award shows, but I don't know.. last nights show just kind of ticked me off too many times.

1. I loved the Rhianna-Coldplay collaboration.  I hated Rhianna's sex-ed class via dance moves. Wtf?

2. Speaking of Rhianna, when did we forgive Chris Brown for being a woman beater? I don't know about you guys, but every time hear his name I cant help but think of this.

What really bugged me was, at the end of the ceremony (just before a Chris Brown's SECOND performance of the night) the Recording Academy President & CEO Neil Portnow, got on the stage talking about how great the Grammy Foundation is, and how they give kids the gift of music and bla bla bla.

Don't you think if they're going to appeal to children and support their education then they should be more careful about the reputations of the folks they allow to take center stage?

Let me see if I understand...It's necessary and good to educate children about music, but god forbid we set some standards about who gets the spotlight and who doesn't. What kind of message are we sending to kids when someone like Chris Brown dominates the show? Beat up your girlfriend, win a ton of awards and get center stage anyway-- awesome.

There are equally good performers out there that deserved the spotlight not only because they are talented, but also because they at least try to set a good example.

I realize his personal actions don't reflect his talent, but.. I just can't find the logic in HIRING someone, who recently did something really terrible, to perform at an event as prestigious as the Grammy's-- it's just really low class and in poor taste. Bullying and domestic violence is too serious of an issue to shrug it off with a slap on the wrist.

I think the only appropriate place for that guy this year was in the audience or at home.

{end rant.}

3. Speaking of bad examples! I am also glad Kanye wasn't there, because I am still mad about the "Imma let you finish, but" thing-- jerk.

4. I don't know if it is because I think Taylor Swift is one of the prettiest humans alive, or because she is actually really talented, but I just LOVE her. One of my favorite moments was watching her face light up after her performance.

5. Adele is just too cute for words, and I love that she is a real-curvacious woman! I loved watching her soak in the applause after her performance too and winning the final award must have been so much fun for her.

6. Then there was a tribute to Gil Scott-Heron, and I just found that rather ironic since they had a lot of money-flaunting, woman beating jerks on the stage all night. I didn't know Gil Scott-Heron personally (obviously) but, I would imagine he'd probably disapprove of some of those folks.

It is my understanding that his opinions of the current rap and R&B community were rather ambivalent and his personal philosophy frowned upon the opulence and demeaning use of lyrics that is so common today.

The guy was all about shedding light on the socially oppressed and he certainly had an "edge"-- but he also went through great lengths to separate himself from popular rap culture.

So, I found that tribute to be poorly timed.

7. Paul McCartney just makes me wish John Lennon was still around.

8. What do people think about the Foo Fighters these days? The last album I really dug was In your Honor, which I think came out in like 2005.

I loved that Grohl was wearing a Slayer shirt, I also love his hair AND I am glad the guy can still rock out and I thought it was funny watching him bob his head to Deadmou5 during the dance party thing..

9. Speaking of Deadmou5, I love Dub Step.. Like LOVE IT, LOVE it...it's been one of my favorite genres going on 4 years now and I can't tell you how happy I am that electronic music is on the rise.

It is my humble opinion that electronic artists are the ones who are really pushing the envelope right now and they deserve a lot more attention than they get. (However, I am sure most of them just want to make music and don't give a crap if they are famous-- which makes me like them that much more)

I like my dub to be harder than what is getting popular right now. What is readily available right now is what I like to call The Gateway Dub. :P

10. I wasn't really impressed with Katy Perry and I really thought Nikki Manaj was overkill.

I kind of loved Katy Perry's hair when she was in her dress, not so much during the performance. I wont even comment on the costume.

And, I really hated the voice overs during Manaj's performance-- I kind of dig her rapping style, but I don't know.. I just wasn't that impressed and was mostly still annoyed about the Chris Brown thing..

and finally...

11. Jennifer Hudson singing, I Will Always Love You.

I have NO idea how she was able to keep it together on stage. I am sure there wasn't a dry eye in the place. Sometimes I felt like she was channeling Whitney too, which kind of freaked me out in a really awesome way.

I will always love you, has been my sisters favorite song most of her life, so anytime I hear that song, I am always brought back to this time where I got to see my sister every day and yes, it chokes me up.. so now, knowing Houston had such a tragic demise, I can't help but feel a little heavy hearted myself.

I guess what they say is true, Mo' money, Mo' problems. 

All I really learned from watching the Grammy's is that I am not really missing out on anything when it comes to pop-music or pop-culture, and that the music industry wants young boys to beat up their girlfriends.

What did you guys think? Am I totally off base and being a negative Nancy-- or did last nights show leave something to be desired?





  1. Ummm...I took one look at Nicki MInaj arriving with "The Pope" and turned the TV off.

    I am, however, stoked that Adele won every single award she was nominated for and deserved. I sort of regret not watching the awards because it would have been nice to see the tributes to Whitney Houston, but alas, I had to write a paper about 18th century pornography. :)

    1. haha-- I missed that part but I saw pictures-- what a weirdo-- haven't the catholics had enough crap to deal with lately? lol.

      I'd like to see that paper on Pornography.. I am so interested in the the history of EVERYTHING, and porn is one of those things I haven't gotten around to yet. lol.

  2. I didn't even watch it. We watched a few documentaries on the ocean (yep). I'm not a huge Adele fan - she's gorgeous and curvy but her voice drives me nuts 95% of the time. And I totally agree with the Chris Brown thing...it's disgusting that men like him and (on a smaller level) Michael Vick still are venerated by society instead of being detested for the scum they are.

    1. We started the night watching Dazed and Confused (one of my favvvvvvvorites) and then I went to bed early-- but ended up watching them..

      I hear you on the Adele voice thing; she honestly isn't my cup of tea musically, but the girl can sing that's for sure. If I had pipes like that.. man o man.

      ...and I could go on and on and on about venerated scum-- but I wont, because they don't even deserve the attention from little ole me!

  3. I didn't watch the Grammys, so it was nice to get a play-by-play on your blog. I didn't even know that Coldplay had a song. I'm a huge fan, so I will need to check this out...even if Rihanna sang with them. (Ugh)

    I don't support Kanye or Chris Brown at all. I think they're all overbearing, pompous jerks. But notice that T-Swift was there, and Kanye was absent? Thank God for small miracles, I suppose.



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