National Cat Month and (a free) opportunity to feature your blog here!

I've been this guys cat mom for 6 years now, and I still just can get over how often he makes me laugh! Not to mention my complete obsession with his cuteness!

It has come to my attention that February is National Cat Month.. Um, how did I not know this before?

SO in honor of my favorite type of furry friends, I will be posting a pic of one of my sweet kitties with each post for the rest of the month! Get ready for some cuteness.

You know how people do those "Meet our Sponsor" posts? Well I thought, on the 29th I would do something fun and declare it "Cat BlogLove Day", so to all you cat lovers out there, here is your chance for a little free advertising.

Here's the scoop:

-To participate you must be a follower of This Must be the Place through Friend Connect or blogger, new followers are welcome to participate, and feel free to let others know about this, the more the merrier.

(I don't see this happening, but I reserve the right to refuse any participants based on negative blog content, if I plug you on my blog I want to make sure you aren't some sadistic freak puppy killer or worse, a mean girl)

-Then you will need to send me a picture of yourself, with a cat. I don't care if it is your cat, your neighbors cat, the local alley cat, you, the dog and a cat or you and the tiger at the zoo-- there just has to be a real, live, breathing feline in the image. You can get as creative as you want with the images, have fun with it; this is a silly thing I am doing, so find a way to make it represent you & your blog.

Please do not include any text on the image. (inconspicuous copyright info is acceptable if necessary.)

-With your image you may also include a blurb about you and/or your blog (150 words or less please, no exceptions) and up to FOUR of your social media links! (Links not included in the word count) This does not have to pertain to cats at all, this can be all you. :)

Please title your emails: Cat Blog Love: {Your blog name here}

I will be accepting images/info until Sunday, February 26th. 

And... do not worry, I will not be representing you as a crazy cat person. The post(s) will just have your blog info, links and pictures with cats! :)  Depending on the volume of participants, I will probably feature 5 bloggers at a time, and if necessary I will make it a 2-3 day ordeal.

Sounds fun right? If you would like to participate, make sure you follow the fore mentioned criteria and shoot me an email with your image, blurb and links to ryanadairs(at)gmail(dot)com.

And please, spread the word, I'd love to plug tons of folks and use this as an opportunity to connect with some more bloggers!



.....annnnnd I'll be back later with a new feature I want to try out, "Work Out Wednesdays" and you guessed it, another cute cute picture!


  1. " I want to make sure you aren't some sadistic freak puppy killer or worse, a mean girl" hahahaa heard that!

    Anyway, I can't wait to see how Workout Wednesdays turns out. I know I definitely need a new regime. :/

  2. ohmygosh. how did i not know that february was national cat month? i am so participating and you can make me look like a crazy cat lady if you want, because i totally am lol.

  3. thank you for inspiring and making this post happen.

  4. I don't have any pics with me and cats, though I have had cats in the past! If I had a cat now I'd submit, but all I got is a dog beastie!

    1. I've been thinking about opening it up to all furry friends, cause I've had a few people email me bout either being allergic, but loving cats or.. Only having dogs and being too busy to find a gato... So send yo stuff to me, I'll gladly post it... I love beasts too!


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