A lil' of this, a lil' o'dat.

So today is/was a good day.

I woke up, got on the scale, and guess who's lost 10 lbs. This girl. 

That's 10 lbs in less than a month, I think a big GO ME is in order. (Go ahead, I'm waiting) : P

10 LBS, that's like a cat.

that's a 17 lbs-er right there

Speaking of cats, I've totally been slacking on the cat-picture-every-day-in-Februrary thing. I guess that's a good sign that I might not actually be a crazy cat lady after all. 

The other fun thing is... We are moving to a new apartment (if we don't find something to BUY first!) and right next door to the complex is a special kind of yoga studio-- they have a couple of 4 week programs that you can register for, the classes help you get deeper into the practice by satisfying both the physical and philosophical aspects more intensely. Most drop-in classes start with "intention" but they usually keep it more generic and physical so it appeals to all spiritual backgrounds.This studio also has a Mysore practice, which is a 4 hour class where you can get one on one attention from the instructor in a group setting.

They also have teacher training programs but I've got some work to do on myself before I can help others work on themselves. So these classes are perfect! The other amazingly serendipitous thing is, I have been following this studios blog for several months, and I never even realized it! I of course read it, but never noticed they were from the next town over. (I am so observant) I think it's a sign!

A 100-word love story that I wrote was posted on So about what I said... today.. Love that blog.

..AND today, I helped my friend write an "About Me" on her match.com profile, which I am oddly really excited about because this girl dates the biggest douche bags on the planet and I love her too much to allow that to continue happening. I am her self-appointed Love Coach.

She equal parts loves me and thinks I am a pain in her ass. : P

Since it is Thursday I was going to post some art, but I have had the busiest week I've had in a VERY long time.. so an art post will have to happen tomorrow or Saturday. 

Yoga time.

Peace out!



  1. I'm happy to see that you really did seem to have quite a wonderful day. Congratulations on getting your story posted, and congratulations on losing the weight of an entire small cat!


  2. Go you on losing that cat!

    Hugs, lady. So happy to see you happy.

  3. Congrats on the 10 lbs. That is a huge achievement.

  4. Go you! That's a big achievement, and you no doubt did it through all-natural methods. Between now and May I'm hoping to lose about 2 cats myself lol. (My cat was 14 pounds during his last vet visit, and he packed on a few since then. Seems like we both love chubby kitties.)

    Also happy to hear that you took on the Love Coach role. I've seen a lot of people date an endless cycle of douchebags, and it's such a hard habit to break.



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