A few things: A party, Baking Soda, and taking hikes.

This week just flew by for us! I hardly had enough time to think about the fact that my grandmother is hosting a cocktail engagement party for R and I tonight in Orlando. What does one wear to such an event?

R and I snazzed up for a wedding in '10

I've never been the guest of honor before, so I'm feeling a little nervous. I know it will be a great time, my grandmother puts on a great party, some of my favorite family members will be attending and our parents will finally meet. R and I have known each other almost 9 years (yikes!), so it is about time the parentals finally got acquainted with each other.

So that is thing one.

Thing two is, I finally made the switch from Shampoo to a baking soda solution. I've been weaning myself off shampoo for about 3 months now, and have been conditioner free since the summer. With all the toxicity reports coming out on beauty products I figured it was worth a shot, and I am so glad I made the switch. My hair looks really awesome! (R made the switch too)

I will make a How To post sometime next week; I still want to try using lemon as a conditioner. (I've just been using honey and water since I can not stand the smell of apple cider vinegar, especially during a relaxing shower.) If you are interested in giving it a try, I highly recommend taking some time to wean off the detergents (shampoo is a detergent) so that your "adjustment period" is minimal and hatless. :)

THE THIRD thing is my new obsession with taking hikes. Yesterday my good friend Emily and I traded in our usual happy hour date for a hike along the Northeastern edge of the everglades. At one point we were walking through a canopy and all of these butterflies started flying all around us, it was actually really magical. After we left the magical butterfly tunnel, we proceeded to dodge banana spiders and horse poop, when we spotted some evidence of boar activity. We quickly googled "What to do if you encounter a boar in the wild" just in case and after about 4 miles we started bitching because I didn't wear proper shoes, and we were both ready for food and wine. I need to brush up on my wilderness skills.

I love being in nature because it forces you to get in touch with your primal instincts. I always feel like I am a little kid again when I am on hikes. I find myself coming up with all of these fantasy scenarios, which Emily found less than amusing since most of my "stories" involved us encounering a Florida Redneck in the woods, being abducted and forced to live in an underground torture chamber. Whatever.. If you ever watch the news then you know some wacky people live in Florida and we were in the middle of NO WHERE, so it was hard not to think some crazy was lurking in the bushes.

Did I mention it was beautiful out?

Neitzche said: "Sit as little as possible, give no credence to any thought that was not born outdoors while moving about freely"

I think he was onto something, because despite the horror stories I was entertaining Emily with, I feel really refreshed and can't wait to start spending some more time thinking outdoors.

So those are the things happening with me right now. Nothing exciting, but always entertaining.

Have a peaceful weekend,



  1. I have been thinking about going no 'poo but currently my hair is dyed and I figure I would probably be not doing myself a whole lot of good to continue putting chemicals on my hair if I was trying to eliminate them. Still trying to figure out if I am going to dye my hair a color close to my natural one and let it grow out then do no poo or not. hmmmmm.

  2. Wear a really gorgeous dress that you feel exquisite in. And show off your ring, so get your nails done! Everyone will be looking at your ring, so make sure to moisturize your hands and do your nails pretty!

  3. Have fun at your party! I am super interested in the natural hair thing. I need to do some research. I did a brown sugar and olive oil scalp scrub last week and it was glorious! Thanks for linking up, I'm glad I discovered your blog!


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