Impromptu date night.

Since we started living together in late September, some sweet things have been happening on a daily/weekly basis; I've been packing R lunches if he plans on not coming home, and I'll slip notes in the bag or R will come home with a fresh bouquet of flowers (this happens like once a week now, he is very sweet). Or we spend mornings on the porch enjoying coffee, eggs and conversation..

But some not so sweet things have also been happening; Like the fact that I wear yoga pants and sweat shirts almost every day with out even bothering to brush my hair. Or, R's flatulence problem. (Burping is so gross, I'll never get use to that!) or the fact that most of our evenings consist of us geeking out on our computers, and we occasionally decide to see who sucks more at scrabble. {My mind goes totally blank while playing scrabble}

We go out to dinner, but we don't really go on dates, it's more like..
R: "Are you hungry?"
Me: "Yea, but I don't want to cook"
R: "Me neither"
Me: "I'm craving ___________."
R: "Me too!"

Yesterday I was feeling like crap, which is why we skipped out on the Everglades, so instead of my usual laying around and wishing I were dead, I decided to treat myself to a day of pampering. I locked myself in the master bedroom, listened to Portishead Radio on pandora; took a long shower, exfoliated, gave myself a much needed pedicure, made my hair look like it belonged on a human and not a rabid dog and put some real clothes on.

Meanwhile, to my surprise, R went to the grocery store and started preparing a lovely dinner, with a movie proposal and Kava ready.

While R finished up dinner I admired my cute piggies, and the beautiful Florida evening.
To my excitement, my pepper plant is growing another round of peppers. Last time I got 5 and this time it looks like I will have about 7! (I picked the last round and enjoyed them in a salad, yummy!)

Then R made a delicious veggie-black bean burger, mushed peas and a yummy salad with fresh squeezed lemon juice, black berries and tomatoes.

...& my favorite, Pistachio-almond gelato!

We ended the night with a 7 o'clock showing of J. Edgar and reading in bed. 

{On our way back to the apartment, I checked the mail and the book I ordered R for Christmas came in, so I gave it to him early.. now we wont stop giving me tid-bit's of Kava Facts while I write this post..  I am the most horrible gift giver on the planet, I am not good at secrets.. and I usually just want to hurry up and give it to the recipient. tsk tsk.}{I also received my book on Teaching Yoga, so I have a feeling I will be immersing myself in that this week instead of blogging, and work}

One of our best friends from High School {someone who was independently good friends with each of us before R and I ever met} is making his way down to PSL this morning to spend a few days with us, which is very exciting because we miss & love Phil tremendously.

I hope everyone has had a smooth weekend. 


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  1. Hey love. Just thought I'd let you know that I'm currently hosting a scrapbooking giveaway for Christmas. :) http://pursuitoffelicity.blogspot.com/2011/12/my-memories-suite-software-giveaway.html

    Felicity. x


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