Armless, abstract and a good day.

R was home sick today; whether he was actually sick or not, I am not sure. He slept in until about 1pm {which he never does and makes me think yes, he was actually ill} and then he played video games in the office all day.. which was fine with me because I sat on my living room floor and made things all day.

Like this eyeless, armless bunny.

I crocheted him this afternoon with my niece and Christmas in mind. I think my sister would appreciate some eyes and arms on the little fella first however. I always forget how much I love to crochet. I think I am going to make a cat next, and add a little funk to him.

{Did I mention my sister is coming to visit us on Friday from NC? I haven't seen her since the beginning of summer.}

Then I sat in my messy living room and made an abstract painting that I am not sure if I love or hate, hung out with cats, and watched Alred Hitchcock and the Twilight Zone on Netflix.

It was a good day.


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  1. Alfred Hitchcock movies are awesome! Personally, I love your paintings, and I envy you for being able to hang out with your cats; my apartment building doesn't allow pets otherwise I would have gotten a kitten a long time ago. :(


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