Sweet November, you have finally come.

It's November, and you know what? November is my favorite month of the year. 

Why? Well because the weather is almost perfect everywhere you go, Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the season, and even though nothing spectacular has ever happened on my birthday-- November is my birthday month. 

My family isn't big on birthdays-- In fact for the most part they aren't really big on anything that would make you feel special. IE-- I showed up to my HS graduation with 10 people, and was greeted after the walk by one. But, I enjoy getting older, eating pumpkin cheesecake and making wishes, so that is enough for me. 

I am a female and I said I enjoy getting older. What? I know, seems wrong-- but I do. Every birthday marks a new year that is started with more knowledge, more understanding and a lot more experience. How could one not appreciate that? I even enjoy looking older. I love the way that weathered people look. Age is not valued in this society and I think its a damn shame-- Beauty is on the inside, not in perfectly ironed out faces and fake breasts. 

So like in the movie Sweet November, I am going to focus on looking at everything in a different light, from a new perspective and I'm going to leave my past where it belongs.. I've never given myself the opportunity to appreciate what I have to offer the world because my opinion of myself has been clouded by the actions of people I can not control or change, clouded by insecurities, failures, abuse, depression and everything in between. 

So here is to a sweet November and an even sweeter new chapter in a {hopefully} long, fulfilled and happy life. 

Baby sister Taylor and me, circa 1988 (w/ moms friend)

xo, r

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  1. You feel toward November the same way I feel toward October. It's my favorite month because of the awesome weather, the changing leaves, Halloween, and my birthday. Although I generally prefer Halloween to Thanksgiving (as someone from a divorced family I can tell you that holiday gatherings leave a nasty taste in my mouth), I much prefer both of those holidays to the stressful and commercialized storm that is Christmas. Happy November!



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