Last night

Last night I had a dinner party.
I made a garden salad, mashed potatoes and a slow-roasted chicken.
{I'll share my recipes around Thanksgiving.}
We wined, dined, ate cake, played guitars and drugged the cats.

Herb, ficus and flower center piece in mason jar. I thought they looked alright, I feel like something is still missing though.

 My mother would be proud, I can set a table. {I am obsessed with grey and yellow these days.}


Oscar got a cake :) The Pumpkin-carrot cake was a bit hit. Even the carrot cake nay-sayer amongst us thought it was delish. I never thought I was much of a baker, but apparently I make some yummy baked goods; everyone loved my pumpkin-muffin cakes too.

Rob and Estefi played us some tunes.

... and I got the cats really high, and giggled while they rolled around in catnip for about 40 mins.
Why is that so funny to me?

Dinner Party 101: Giving cats catnip is an excellent way to entertain guests. ;)

So I'd say it was a successful evening, and now I'm ready for thanksgiving.



  1. Hahaha, love a cat on catnip!
    And yes, you can set a table girl! The grey and yellow is beautiful, I've always wanted that as my wedding colors one day... Can't wait to see your recipes!! :)

  2. really cute photos! aren't dinner parties the best? thanks for stopping by my blog, i'm now following yours too. xo!

  3. Dinner parties are the best, i'd have one every weekend if I could afford it. :)

  4. I love giving our kitties 'nip! They deserve a relaxing session much like Jen and I do with our wine, or Absinthe! :D

    Also, your dinner sounds AMAZING!!! Yum, yum, yum!

  5. Mmm the cake looks delicious!
    & seeing cats with catnip is possible one of the funniest things ever, especially on slippy floor when they go flying everywhere!

    Jazz xo

  6. yeah our cats love the 'nip too. great entertainment. even Toby likes the stuff. strange...


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