The New Chapter: Starts.

On Friday I had one of those days where almost nothing went according to plan, and while at one point on Friday I was standing in the middle of office max completely in tears-- it turned out to be a pretty alright day. 

Friday went something like this: Wake up grumpy, get mad at R about something stupid, get dressed for interview. Go to get resume printed-- pass three places to print resume with out noticing, find place.. no debit card purchases under $20, find office max. Running late. Office Max lady blank stares me when hard drive doesn't read, offers no other solution, I bring in laptop, laptop doesn't connect to wi-fi. More blank stares from associate. I start crying at office max then I find nerd*, nerd* finds solution, resume gets printed. Drop resume off, front desk girl unusually rude, get lost on drive home, call friend, friend is working. Go home. Friend calls, we set up after work cocktail date. Rob gets home, we convince him its fish n' chips time, he agrees.. double date night with wonderful friends, not so shabby day after all. 

Saturday R treated me to a 30 mins massage while we were out, we ran some errands then went to a beach party straigh out of the OC-- except, all the people present had higher IQs than a goldfish. This was my first beach bonfire. Can you believe that?
After the bonfire we invited some of our friends back to the apartment; somewhere between making everyone midnight Tortilla de Patatas and laughing my ass off at the nicknames our friends had given us, I had an AH-HA moment.

My life is really good. 

I've spend so much time trying to define who I am based off of where I have been or how I got there. 
If you think about life experiences like they are cars,one would be crazy to explain who  you are by describing their vehicle..  

UM, yess. I am a '96 teal Toyota Corolla... my paint is fading, but the interior is like new..

When I put it in that perspective, it just seemed really silly that I would keep trying to explain who, what and where I have been in my past. 

It just doesn't matter. 

I've made friends, I've lost them. I've been hurt, I've hurt others. I've laughed and cried and loved and lost. 

So with the changing of the season, I too will be making some changes.
I had this idea of how I wanted my blog to be, and I think sometimes I get so caught up in trying to relate to people that I forget about where I am trying to go. 

SO far PSL has been filled with wonderful friends, naps on the beach with R, lots of laughing, loving and living life. 

In other news:
TMBTP is going to get a little makeover with some new features.

It's getting cooler here, so we will be back in the movie making business; which is very exciting. 

AND we're taking our friends camping this weekend to our favorite spot; where have to canoe to your own island, how cool is that?

*I love nerds.


  1. Can I just say I kind of get a mini orgasm when I go into office supply places? I just squeal on the inside at all of the fun things I have no need for.


    Yay for living the good life and knowing it!

  2. hey there, stumbled in...

    no idea what your blog has been doing that you want to do differently, but whatever, go with what feels like YOU, ay? ;)

    liking the vibe, and the instacipes thingies.

  3. seriously, nerds are god's gift to women.

    i <3 youuuuu

  4. Ryan Adair, I am so far behind on your blog entries. And I'm getting ready to leave work now. So mark this as my promise that I will bomb your entries with comments very soon. I'm glad that you recovered from your adventures in OfficeMax and are loving life :D


  5. Not gonna lie, as someone who works at OfficeMax, I'm glad you were able to get it to work! :)

    And changes in life can often be awesome... Here's wishing you much luck in your new ventures!


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