A Doobie Bro?

So, last night R's company threw together a last minute shin-dig featuring Jeff "Skunk" Baxter.
{Guitarist: Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers & more}

I guess Baxter is friends with the CEO of R's company, so he took some time out of his night to play some tunes for us and talk about the artists {and Hollywood's} role in the simulation industry. 

Baxter is a civilian corespondent to the Pentagon and is interested in making the governments simulation industry more "real," for a lack of better words. 

 Anyway, his time with us was short and sweet; so after his gig, we got to explore the new Digital Domain building, and it was very cool..

I enjoyed one of my favorite seasonals
Then we went to a local pub for some drinks with friends, and invited everyone over to our new place for some more fun.

The crowd watched The Big Labowski {an R&R favorite} and we probably made way too much noise for the hour, but hey.. ya only live once.

Life is good. 
We're off to explore and stuff.

xo, r

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