Cucumber Soup

This is a cold soup, and we love it!

It's really healthy, refreshing and we like to eat it with Salmon Salad.
{Salmon Salad: Curry Salmon over tangy balsamic dressed mixed greens and tomatoes)

I know it's the first day of fall and this is summery fare, but.. good is good. 

Here's what you'll need:
Plain yogurt
Olive Oil
Here's what you do:

Combine plain yogurt, chopped cucumber, 1 clove garlic {crushed}, dash of salt, and a couple of tbs of olive oil. Stir until evenly distributed. Then add cold water until it has the consistency of whole milk 2% milk.
(You can make it thicker or thinner and it will still taste good)

{Editors Note: I usually make this soup when I have about (1/4-1/3) of a large container of plain yogurt left so I can just make it inside the container, which yields about 2-3 servings.}

Let it sit in the refrigerator for about an hour before serving and enjoy. 


xo, r

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