On Manifesting Positivity

If there is one thing I believe in, it is the  

Most people are familiar with this concept via "The Secret," however most of my ideas about being positive come from my adoration of quantum psychics and spreading the good vibes

I recently watched the movie "The Secret" on netflix, and got some great ideas, which I think worked, so I will share those things later in this post. 

I was inspired to write about this earlier this week when I had a lengthy conversation with one of my favorite people. 
This favorite person is in the same boat many of us twenty-somethings have found ourselves in: 

A degree that is deeming itself useless in a shifting economy.

The thing is, she has a practical degree 
and still can't find a job in her field. 
The job she DOES have, is physically exhausting 
and mentally lacks a challenge.
She is having a hard time making ends meet 
and the interest on her loans is only increasing. 
Sound Familiar? This generation of 20-somethings has been put in a unique situation-- we were told how important college is and we're {almost} promised jobs straight out of college if we did well

The college I went to claimed to have a 95% job placement post grad; when it took the valedictorian almost 2 years to find a job, 
I knew they were full of crap. 

However, I don't put much stock into a bad economy or luck, or frustration, or any feelings a negativity really. 

Disadvantages are perfect opportunities for solutions and solutions are are the actions that create {very} successful people.. 

Be Practical, Be Optimistic.
Have your goals in mind & be practical about obtaining them. 
If you want to become a rocket scientist & you have an art degree, then it is likely your first step will be going back to school. 

Having a hard time finding a job because you lack experience? WELL, applying for jobs all day will not get you experience. 
Call companies you would like to work for & ask if you can volunteer your time. You might be able to snag some recommendations out of the situation AND you get real life experience. Win-Win.
Small sacrifices can go a long way.

Take advantage of ALL possibilities
  So you really wanted a job in marketing, and you are cleaning toilets instead? Don't get frustrated with your situation, keep your mind open to all of the possibilities
Frustration leaves you feeling resentful, 
and with a useless chip on your shoulder. 
 This is the situation my friend is in right now, she wants to be working with non-profits, but is cleaning houses instead. 
I suggested to her that she try and offer other services to her clients. A busy mom with 4 kids would probably love a random babysitting offer. This is a good way to snag some extra cash AND you open up an opportunity for other job possibilities. 

What if a fore mentioned busy mom has a hubby who needs a new receptionist? Let people see how hard working and wonderful you are, the worst thing that can happen is they find out what you would rather be doing, and now you have an extra set of eyes and ears working for you
Sounds good right? This is how I have gotten almost EVERY job I've had. I promise it works. 
This can be applied to anything, not just jobs.

Find time to relax and be you
My friend was having a really hard time enjoying going 
out once a week as a release. 
I think this is crazy. 
You will never be happy if you become a slave to finding a job, or expectations set by your parents or society-- or whatever else it may be. 

If you love to paint, paint. If you love going out to dinner with your friends, find a way to put it in the budget. If you can't afford it an you still really want to go, GO! One of your friends would probably be happy to share some fries and a beer with you. 

I'm not suggesting you become a mooch, so if a friend does something nice for you, try to do something nice for them. 
Even if all you can do is help them organize their closets and drop off some dry cleaning; if you have the right kind of friends, they are probably just happy to see you happy. 

Believe that you deserve to be happy
We all deserve to be happy. So be happy with and truly appreciate all the love that you have in your life, even if you just have to love yourself, know it is enough..

"People are starving for love, not knowing their heart is a magical kitchen. Open your heart. Open your magical kitchen and refuse to walk around the world begging for love. In your heart is all the love you need. Your heart can create any amount of love, not just for yourself, but for the whole world." ~Don Miguel Ruiz

Do not dwell on what you do not have. If you want something, believe that you deserve it and be practical about obtaining it.

Be inspired
One thing that really inspired me when I watched The Secret was the idea of creating Inspiration Boards. I make boards for everything; Fitness boards, wedding boards, future home boards. Right now I am working on a Rest of the Year board, and a Career board; I make a collage of things I want, need, love and then I believe that I deserve them. 

Your inspiration can be ridiculous, practical, whimsical.. whatever you want. Just be honest with yourself about the things you want in your life. My summer board came true almost to a T.  
I couldn't believe it. 

I agree, it is a little nutty to think you can just wish things into your life. I think the inspiration boards work because they allow you to keep those goals in the forefront of your mind. They keep your feelers fresh, and on the prowl for opportunities. 

Every morning I take a look at my current boards
(I store them in a file on my computer that is titled "YOU DESERVE THIS AND WILL GET IT")  
and I think of all the ways I can obtain those things. 
I truly believe I will live a fulfilled life... 
these boards help me stay focused on the things I want.

Be happy for other people
Spread love, light and happiness. 
Believe that other people deserve good things just as much as you do. Even if you think that person is selfish, or mean spirted, rise above your negative feelings about them, and believe everyone deserves happiness.

Here's the thing, the universe can not tell if your feelings of resentment, hate, jealousy or frustration are towards a good person or a bad person, all it knows is you are spreading that negative energy into the web that connects us all. 

Positive things come to positive people because they are emitting positive vibes into the universe. 
We are all connected; the good, the bad and the ugly. 

You don't want your negative feelings of frustration, inadequacy, unfulfillment or jealousy to effect someone else. Most of the time, those feelings just come right back to you; creating a vicious cycle of trying to overcome adversity. 
You are only hurting yourself by having ill feelings towards others.

Work on changing the bad and ugly thoughts into beautiful ones, and the chances of living a beautiful, fullfilling life will be increased. 


Have a happy Sunday & I'm sending the good vibes out to everyone for a great labor day weekend filled with love and light. 

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  1. great advice. i'm also a huge believer in positive thinking.
    xo dana


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