Moving Part III: We're warriors

Sunday was unexpectedly emotional.

When you have so much history in one place, emotion is inevitable. 

R and I grew up in the same town, so every corner has some kind of memory waiting to be remembered.
We have our own memories, memories together, memories with loved ones, memories with those who have passed on. 

I love our hometown. I love the cats that run around the neighborhood begging for rubbies and food. I love the over-sized oaks and quiet streets. I love that the snow-cone guy is still at the corner and every time I see a peacock on someones roof, I am taken back to a time when my family was all in one place.
As we were deciding what would stay and what would go to PSL with us, I could feel my chest get heavy as I remembered the first time I walked through that front door seven years prior to meet the person who would become my best friend and future husband. 

I don't remember all the fine details of that evening; but I do remember being 4 hours late for my curfew, and having to borrow a sweater because R kept his room very, very cold.

I remember running across the yard to my Grand Marque, rushing to get home to catch a few hours of sleep before R and I made our first trip to Blue Springs State Park. It never occurred to me that my tardiness might get in the way of my plans for the day.. Luckily dad was sleeping heavily, and my dog has always good at keeping my secrets. 

That day I would have never guessed that seven year later we'd be engaged and packing up a U-Haul with our belongings to start our lives together. We've come so far as individuals and as a couple. 
We were kids back then, and I am sure when we are 35 we will be saying the same thing about 25.

On Sunday we got to officially start our new chapter, and despite a couple of bumps in the road, we made it to Port Saint Lucie relatively unscathed. We're completely exhausted but that California King that we shoved up the stairs feels like sleeping in the clouds, it's glorious.

Some pictures 

 "YOU quit it! Stop taking my picture, go back in the house and lay down"


I spent the day yesterday unpacking everything-- by the end of the day, we'll have a box-free abode. 
I should get an unpacking award. 

I'm looking forward to catching up on my blog-life, I miss my voyeuristic lifestyle.
For now, I must catch up on missed Weeds and Big C episodes.
(Okay, and The Real Housewives of BH and NJ too)



  1. I love the vintage look that you added to the pictures. What program did you use?

    Very happy to hear that you are starting to settle in more, although leaving your hometown can be very bittersweet. There must be so much depth to the emotions you must be feeling right now. Last night I daydreamed and wondered how I will feel whenever the day comes that I will leave behind the place I have lived in for my whole life, and I really can't imagine how bittersweetly exciting it must be.


  2. Instagram on the Iphone & thank you.


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