Moving Part II

Well.. We're in Orlando now, and it's been a day.

I've been moving a lot the past few years.
This year alone I have moved 3 times.

It always rains when I move.

B ut.. that's okay, I've never minded the rain, and I usually pack my stuff in plastic bins anyway.

This move we've been lucky.. No rain.


In leu of rain, I got a big ass nail in my foot while checking out the truck at uhaul today.


That was fun.

I am not fond of injections, so I am waiting for the lock jaw to kick in before getting a tetanus shot.
o __O

Maybe I will get one later.. I am just really paranoid that the injections they tell you to get every some odd years are the governments way of keeping our minds under their control.

Ya know, like they do with Chem-trails
Seriusly trust no one, our government has WAY too much money to be trusted.


The good news is, my love feels bad that I am in so much pain (seriously, nails suck) and has forbidden me from further moving festivities... Which means mo more lifting heavy things up stairs any more.
Now I just get to dictate where things go and how to load up the moving van.

I am a good manager.

I should have stepped on a nail sooner, that would have saved me a lot of trips up and down stairs.

I hope the weekend has been nail in foot free for all.



  1. oh gosh! how in the world did you get it out?!

  2. lol, well I pulled it out pretty quickly after it happened-- adrenaline is good for these types of situations. :)

  3. ewwww thats gross! holy ouchie!!

  4. Ouch! Hope you're feeling better...and best of luck moving!

  5. Omg! That is crazy! I feel bad for your poor foot!!

  6. I cringed so hard while looking at those pictures. Although may I compliment you on being a blogging champ? You took a nail through the foot and even while in pain you thought to document it for us. That's true dedication to your craft. :)

    All joking aside, I hope you're okay and that the rest of your time spent moving isn't nearly as stressful or painful.



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