Music Monday and a Day without floppies

I swear I am not complaining about this, 
but I spent my entire day painting.
I'm exhausted. 

Nine hours on your feet is hard whether you are working retail or painting murals. 

Plus, my sweet Florida feet were confined in tennis shoes all day.
I hate shoes.

I spent about 7 of those 9 hours on a 12 foot ladder, and wearing flops whilst atop a 12 ft ladder 
is absolutely horrifying. 

I'm not even afraid of heights, but I was shaking like a crack head.

I do everything in flip flops, so you can only imagine the horror I was experiencing to resort to 9 hours of foot confinement. 

Now that I am done whining, and I'd like to introduce..

I love music. It's been apart of my life for as long as I can remember and I have this guy to thank:

 Mi Abuelo, who is affectionately dubbed Papa.
By his children, grand children and a great grand child.

First of all, he is the sweetest man I know with a heart bigger 
than Asia. I'm not exaggerating.

I grew up knowing my grandfather was someone special
My mother had all his albums displayed proudly around the house
and I didn't know anyone else who had a singing, guitar playing grandfather with his picture on album covers.

My siblings and I would demand listening to his tapes in the car... 
(OH tapes, remember those)

We would get especially excited when he would fly into town to take us to Mc Donalds.
(Silly I know, but kids love Micky D's)
Did I mention he is also a Pilot and a Doctor
Types A's.. gotta love 'em.

Our favorite song was this one:

This is where my love of all instrumental music started.

My grandfather started his music career with the Los Pekinekes, and ended it flying solo.
(Literally flying.)

Los Pekinekes opened for the Beatles!
This is seriously exciting for me, because I am a huge John Lennon freak.
What's more exciting, is that my grandfather was part of a huge musical movement in the 60's.
Instrumental Rock. 
My favorite.

It's Romantic.

 It's rugged.

It's Funky.

Es mi familia.  

(He'd probably be horrified that I posted this video, but I love it.)

AH! I love him!
Hearing him sing and play is one of my greatest joys in life.
His voice echos my greatest childhood memories;
learning to swim, dance, eat paella and fall in love with music.
My one true idol in life. 
If I could be half the person he has been in his lifetime, I would consider myself a success.


xo, r

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  1. 'I'm not even afraid of heights, but I was shaking like a crack head.' This CRACKED me up!!!!

    I spent most of my last work year in slippers. Don't ask me how i pulled it off. I am currently telling myself to wear shoes this year. I cann't wait to see how it goes.



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