she has seashells (5x's fast)

R and I took a stroll on the beach Sunday night after a little (big) dinner. Of course since we opted to not turn around for the camera, the lighting and scenery was more picturesque than usual. Which had me taking photos of my loot on the back porch the next morning. 

ras digital photography - all rights reserved

ras digital photography - all rights reserved
Luckily I found a bucket, because I was without pockets.

I've spent many hours of my life being healed by the ocean; how do people live in places that are land locked? I think I would go completely mad.. Lake Michigan had some fierce waves; but nothing compares to the salty mist of the sea. You can taste and feel the difference in the air when you are on the sea shore.. 

When I moved to Chicago; I was shocked by the amount of people I met that either:
A.) had ever been to the ocean, or B.) didn't know how to swim.

The never been to the ocean thing I got, but the can't swim thing seemed really weird and unnatural. 
I've been swimming just as long as I have been walking. 


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