Wedding Roller Coaster.

It seems another week has flown by.

I've been pretty busy with wedding stuffs this week.

  • I mailed out our invitations. (And I even got 2 RSVP's on our website) 
  • I bought my shoes-- I can also wear them with my rehearsal dress.

  • I determined how the ceremony would "flow"-- (we're doing something really different, I am so excited to share with you all)
  • I made some "Do-To" lists
  • We hired some wedding day "help" and a bartender.
  • My MIL and I picked a rehearsal dinner location. 
  • I ordered gifts for my ladies. 
 I got myself A3, my matron and maid of honor A7, and my 3 bridesmaids A4.
Via Sunset to Sunrise Etsy shop.
They have SO many options & so far they have been really nice, I can't wait to see the product.

  • I looked at some wedding rings online. 
  • I made an appointment to get my Cali ID (Again.. they were closed last time and I need a Cali ID to get our FL Marriage License with the quickness--otherwise we are considered residents and have to wait 3 days) 
  • I found some of the things I will need to get the "wedding favors" completed. We're going to put vinyl chalkboard stickers on Wine/Beer glasses for our guest to use and take home. I was going to use the paint, but not that I am in Cali and will only have a day to get these together, I think the stickers are going to be a life saver. ;)  

Only 51 more days! We're getting pretty stoked. I mean, we've been engaged since August 2011! 

That's a long wait!

What else can I share on this fine Friday.. 

OH YES. The weekend. My guy is working Saturday & Sunday (bummer, I know) but, the silver lining is that I get to go to Magic Mountain with my buddy Mike. R hates roller coasters. I think they freak him out, and since he has a bad inner ear, they make him SUPER sick, so I've had to pretty much accept that we would never have a theme park date. LUCKILY our good friend also loves coasters, so we're going and it will be awesome. That's tomorrow. ;) 

What's up with you peeps?

Have a great weekend!



  1. 1. Love the shoes! 2. I still love that black dress and want one. 3. I immediately loved A3 and then I see that's the one you picked out- great minds. ;)


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