Running: Day 1/50

If you have been following along here for a while then you know I lost about 25 lbs this year, and dropped a good 2.5 dress sizes. (Woooop wooop!)

But with this move, I have gotten WAY off track, and while I haven't completely derailed-- I have gained back a few LBS and lost a lot of muscle tone-- so it is time to get back on track, like 3 weeks ago. 

I've always wanted to be a runner, but I just hate it.. SO I am going to give it another whirl. I've started to adopt the philosophy that you must do what is uncomfortable in order to succeed, and the running thing is sort of a physical metaphor of sorts.

I've always been SO apprehensive about being successful as an artist because it is scary. Your art is your soul, so rejection is a very personal and scary thing. I always give up on running when it gets hard-- and I am done with that sheeeeeeeeeot.

Anyway-- This evening I walk/jogged 3.4 miles.. My goal is an hour every day for the next 50 days, increasing my distance within that hour each week.

I'm hoping to get my mile in the 9 min range by the end of the 50 days.. AND I've been without my yoga for about 2 months now-- I feel awful-- So I am back on the 3 days a week yoga-train.

I'd also really love to run a 5k or 10k before I become a married woman in March.

SO who is with me, lose weight this holiday season instead of gaining??? ;)



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