wild horses, new normals and whatever.

Hey kids, how goes it?

Things will probably continue to be a little quiet around here the rest of the week. We're still settling in, and currently without internet. The internet problem will discontinue on Thursday, and I've got a few more hours of SOLID work ahead of me in the organization department, so next week we shall return to whatever our new "normal" is.

Speaking of our new normal, lets talk about a few of those new normal things-- Shall we?

1. Our street has some crazy steep hills, the huffing and puffing involved to climb said hills is embarrassing--- until I see some super buff california dude huffing and puffing up the hill too (as he sprints of course), then I don't feel so bad.. We're totally "flat landers."

The cool thing is, once you make it to the top (which is about 4 blocks) there is a wicked view of down town Los Angeles-- my phone takes crappy pictures, so one of these nights we'll snag a shot on the canon.

The other cool thing about our street is, once you get to the top of the hill (the top of the hill is where it is at, apparently) there is this really awesome mansion. This mansion is often rented out by musicians (there is a recording studio within) and is a filming location for a bunch of movies.

Last night we noticed some movie action happening, we think they are filming a scene for Hangover 3 there.

2. We live 1 block off Sunset Blvd.. which just really blows my mind. Maybe for California people this is one of those whatev-kinda things, but as a kid I knew 4 things about California.

a. Graumens Chinese Theatre (I live 6 miles from it)
b. Beverly Hills 90210 (7 miles)
c. Marijuana is medically legal (shop down the street)
d. Sunset Blvd
okay five things-- Movie stars like to live in Cali.

3.  Speaking of medical Marijuana, that too blows my mind. I try not to dive in too deep with my political/social opinions, but M-M is something I have been a huge advocate for in my private life, even in my rather conservative home state-- because I think smoking/ingesting/vaporizing a plant is a hell of a lot safer than taking a pill with an extensive WARNING label. Maybe one day I will get into all of this, but since I am not sure if minors read my blog or not, I will just.. stop.

4. 17% humidity.

Southern folk, need I say more?

My hair looks awesome. My skin is kind of freaking out (but I've also been eating a lot of gluten, and that usually makes my jowl get all funky, weird, I know).  My nostrils kind of hurt too, but I am sure they will get use to the dryness eventually.

and finally...


Seriously, I missed living in a city so much more than I ever imagined. It is SO nice to be able to go out  and NOT DRIVE. We haven't really explored the public transit here yet, but so far we haven't really needed to. We have several coffee shops, a few bars/restaurants, music venues, a saturday farmers market, a movie theatre, and a TRADER JOES all in walking distance. (But I still drive to TJ's because the hill is too big.)

I kind of feel like I have been bragging throughout this post, so how about I counteract that with a-- I have NO IDEA HOW I AM GOING TO MAKE FRIENDS HERE! Seriously, I feel like all these awesome things are happening, but I have no one to call and play with. whaaah.


My aunt is going to be here on business Wednesday, so yay! and I get internet on Thursday double-yay! AND I really love it here..

Keep it classy!



  1. I wish so hard I could live in a big city. Matt would hate it and probably die but I'd be in love to the point where I would barf sprinkles and glitter. It'd be too much. SO... I try to visit big cities as much as I can. If you see Robert Pattinson, let him know he can come home to me anytime. I make cupcakes.

  2. Sounds like you guys are adapting famously! The lack of humidity is pretty nice huh? Wait until the crazy June-July sun (assuming it's like it is in New Mexico). :) I'm glad you're enjoying your new city so much!

  3. One word.


    That's all! Just jealous.
    Keep these posts coming, I like. :)



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