Thursday and the cosmos.

The Cosmos, 12x12inches wax (crayon) on canvas, For Sale *experimental special* $50

I had an incredible walk this morning and yesterday I bought 4 books via amazon that I can't wait to get my paws on.

ANYWHO I've been wanting to read the first two books for YEARS now and I was turned on to Utopia or Oblivion after watching a documentary on Netflix called 2012: Time for change (I know, the title is lame sauce, but it was totally worth a watch).

SO now that I am waiting for my books to come in, I decided to try a little experiment with crayons-- I've been seeing crayon art all over pinterest, so I gave it a shot, and clearly the cosmos are beckoning me because what was suppose to be a Florida Lagoon Landscape quickly turned into nebula's and cosmic dust.

It's possible that I have finally lost my marbles, and I couldn't be more thirlled. 

On a more normal, relatable note.. I made some AWESOME boiled peanuts last night, and tonight I am making a veggie lasagna and noshing with a new friend while R hikes with an old one. 

I'll be posting recipes in the near future!

Happy Thursday!



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