Monday was for celebrating.

Some days ONE is just not enough! 



....the verdict is in, it's indeed true love friends.

 we're special....

I had a lovely afternoon with my bestie yesterday. We decided a little celebration was in order since R and I finally booked a venue for our wedding. Kayla and I drank a little too much wine, cuddled on the hammock and participated in general silliness until R came home-- then we had to pretend like we aren't little twerps-- but who am I kidding.. he knows we're ridiculous.

Oh yeah, we booked a venue for the wedding.. exciting stuff.. more to come on all that later. We're still figuring out the logistics, but we have a venue, an official date and we couldn't be more excited about it.

March 3, 2013. 

In other news, I was pretty disappointed by Mad Men Sunday, I totally thought it would be way more exciting.... but there was definitely something left to be desired. Was that the season finale?

ANYway.. that's all I got!



  1. Congrats on setting a date!

    I totally agree - Mad Men was anti-climactic. It makes me depressed.

  2. YAY for setting a date and snagging a venue! Those two are seriously 75% of the battle! :)

  3. I felt the same way about Mad Men. The penultimate episode was FAR more exciting - I couldn't stop watching!

  4. Looks like you all had a lovely time!! Love the new design and your hair!!


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