10 more months & I'm a Mrs.

Alright, I am ready to get back into this blogging thang.

The past 2 months feel like a blur-- a blur of boxes, and climbing up and down stairs with boxes, and unpacking boxes, and putting boxes away.....

....I really hope we don't move for a long friggin time.

Anywho, yesterday marked 10 months until we get hitched so it was fitting that we finally decided on our venues, budget and invite list.

We're going to have the ceremony at Blue Springs State Park in front of the Thursby House, with about 35 of our closest friends and family members early in the morning. 

If you've been following along here for a while, then you already know that this is the place where we had our first kiss back in 2004 and last August, this is the place where R asked me to spend my life with him..

It only seems fitting that we seal the deal where it all started. 

After the ceremony we will  meet the rest of our friends and family at the Park Plaza Gardens in our hometown, Winter Park, FL for a brunch reception.

The reception will include good food, champagne, cake and the people we love the most.

What I like the most about this venue is the fact that it is like you are in a garden, but we'll have no chance of getting rained on and we can go "green," and skip out on all the fancy-shamcy center pieces-- the room speaks for itself.

Blue Springs is open to the public, so part of the reason we want to do it in the morning is to beat the crowd and the other reason is simply because we are morning people, and I'd love to have the afternoon to spend with our out of town guests. Plus, why torture yourself with waiting to see your love all day! I can hardly stand it when R is at work for the day!

We're very excited, and glad that the wedding has practically planned itself.

In other news, my mother is coming to town in July to go shopping for dresses so my best bud and I have been going hard at the gym-- I'd love to lose another 15-20 lbs and several more inches.

Between kayaking, yoga and lifting weights I think it's totally possible. I'll talk more about this next Wednesday when I bring Workout Wednesdays back-- I really enjoyed blogging about working out and fitness, it kept me really motivated to succeed.

I hope all is well with you my bloggy friends, I promise to not be a stranger anymore!




  1. Sounds amazing!!! I can't wait to plan my Florida wedding!!!
    Ps: I think I'm going to join you in these work out Wednesday posts... I need to keep myself accountable!!!

    1. It's a great idea! It really helped me stay focused, not just on the physical, but also the emotional benefits from working out. :)

  2. Welcome back to the blog world :) I can't wait to see your wedding photos, I bet they'll be gorgeous.

    1. Hey lady! Thanks! I can't wait to see them either, it's too bad I have to wait another 10 months to even take them! :P

  3. Hi, new reader here--I found you over at Shane's blog. This is my first time stopping by but I really liked the low cost personal way you're approaching your marriage.
    I swear I wouldn't normally post a blog post in a response thread but I think you'll dig the way we handled our wedding: http://pst-mod-talko.blogspot.fr/2011/08/year-ago-today.html
    And you may just be in the mood right now to read other marriage posts.
    Anyway, like I said--new reader here, so hope you'll be updating soon!

    1. Hey thanks for stopping by! I will be checking out your link right now! :)

  4. Blue Springs and Park Plaza are absolutely gorgeous! Those two settings seem to go so well together, and how appropriate to get married at that same place where you shared your first kiss and proposal! I also love how much you've personalized your wedding - you've made it original, unique, and so representative of you and R. Kudos!



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