Attn: People who go to a lot of weddings!

Hi there.

I have mentioned before that I am MOH in my best friends wedding this May.

Senior Year- 2005

I have to give a speech and I thought that this part would come naturally-- but it's not.

Here's the thing. I won't know anyone at the wedding-- we have different core groups of friends-- so I feel the need to be extra charming-- and I don't know her Fiance that well-- but I do like him a lot.

The other thing is, I am not really sure what angle I should take. Do I talk about her, them, us, friendship, marriage, love?

Have you heard any great honorary speeches?

I am not nervous about giving the speech (though I am not sure I will make it through without crying) but I really want it to be awesome because this girl is the epitome of a die-hard friend and is someone I love in the same exact way that I love my sister-- sisterlove is sacred.

Advice PLEASE!




  1. I have never been anyone's MOH (aw, that just made me sad) but I think it's a good idea to write it like you're talking just to her. My sister was going to speak at our wedding but the opportunity never arose (not a ton of order in our wedding, haha), and she told me she was going to say something like "I never thought my younger sister could teach me something" in terms of relationships. I think if you write it like you're telling her everything you want to say but don't always say it'll come out more organically...and that's all I got! :) Good luck!

  2. I think it depends on if the best man is giving a speech too? If he focuses on the groom, then you can focus on talking mostly about the bride. At my wedding, the best man (who is also my husband's twin) spoke of the good qualities of my husband, and what a good couple we make, and the bridesmaid giving the speech did essentially the same for me.

  3. We've been telling our MOH and BM that they don't even have to say anything. It's not about a having awesome jokes, or putting on a performance, and it's NOT a roast. Short and sweet is always acceptable. Talk about your friendship so that people will understand why you are the MOH... Have you learned anything about love/relationships watching their love story unfold? You could share examples, or talk about how happy she is to have found someone so wonderful and that makes you happy. Always throw in the congrats, I'm happy for you, wish you never ending love etc... You'll do great!:)


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