Without coffee I fail.

I shouldn't be allowed to do anything before I have at least 4 cups of coffee.

This morning I had 5 comments-- and guess what I did again.. Del-ete. So if you don't see your comments, just know it is because I am a useless human without the black stuff.

We had a nice weekend that's typical for us Florida folks...we're enjoying the beautiful pre-spring weather.

Saturday night we hung out at one of our favorite spots on the water-- they had a reggae band, drink specials and key lime pie... so it was a no brainer.

A few exciting things happened this weekend.

1. R is looking into buying a house, so we dedicated a lot of time this weekend to finding desirable neighborhoods and downloading real-estate aps on the Ipads.

I am excited about the idea of buying because we really want to start living off the land, and we have some BIG plans for our garden food forest. We want to try and live off the land as much as possible-- Call me paranoid, but I don't trust mass produced produce/products-- too many GMO's, hormones and chemicals.

Plus, I think it is really sad that most people have no idea how to grow their own food! Growing food should be something we learn in school from the very beginning-- maybe I am just a crazy hippie, but why wouldn't basic survival skills like cultivating land, tracking/hunting and finding water sources be just as important as learning math equations you will never use again in your life?

2. I've been getting all fired up about getting back in shape. On Saturday night, after a few glasses of the red stuff, I got beyond ecstatic about the possibly of being able to get in the kind of physical shape that would allow me to attempt some of my old tricks that I learned as a gymnast. It might be completely insane to think I could do a round off, back handspring, back layout again.. but then again.. muscle memory is a powerful thing, and I am sure if I found a tumble track around here, I could get at least some of my mojo back.

What got me so interested in becoming an extreme athlete again was of course yoga-- I was researching some of the more advanced practices-- and I realized that these people are in serious shape, and while on a personal level I am interested in all aspects of yoga-- the spiritual, philosophical and physical-- As a former athlete I can really appreciate how difficult yoga can be physically-- of course there is a practice out there for EVERYONE-- but I get a lot of satisfaction on a physical and spiritual level when I push my body, in a loving way of course, and I think that in order to have a healthy mind you have to have a healthy body.. and that is what I am the most interested in-- naturally healthy bodies and minds-- starting with my own..

..and the other exciting this is, R is home today! Now, we are both the kind of people who need a lot of "alone time," so we have spent most of the morning doing our own thing in our respective "cave," but it is nice to have him home on a Monday-- I am sure in a few hours I'll I wont find myself to be so entertaining anymore and I'll be ready to hang out with my cute lover friend.

And lastly, I had coffee in my War Is Over mug this morning, so naturally I thought about this guy.

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  1. Hi Ryan,

    I wanted to stop by and personally invite you to stop by Lioness Rebirth and join in my blog hop and give-away.

    I look forward to seeing you.


  2. Sounds like a great weekend! My family and I went to NYC. We enjoyed the vocal stylings of a woman on the subway who sang "the greatest love of all" into a pasta spatula. Better than Broadway, baby.

    I agree about growing your own food. I started a humble garden a few years ago and have enjoyed it. I love having fresh herbs and in the summer being able to pick some lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers that I grew from my own ground with compost that I made. Nothing ever tastes as good!

    So, I'm visiting from a blog hop and am a new follower! Would love it if you'd consider following back!


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