A monday birthday & some other bits.

I'm back!

My blogcation was rather uneventful. I did get a few ideas hammered out for a new layout and got a little more organized with post content. My biggest frustration with blogging is that I want this to actually be a place where my true self is reflected-- I want this blog to supplement my future business ventures, I want it to help me meet new people, I want it to be a place where I can remember & share special events and I want it to be place that my peers enjoy checking out. My next frustration with blogging is actually with myself-- I am interested in so many things-- but usually not interested in any one thing enough to feel like I can provide good content. Maybe that is just an excuse to not just put myself out there more or explore those interests further.

See blogging is therapeutic-- I just worked that out right there.

I've been telling R lately that he needs to just accept that he is  somewhat of an oddball-- and own it-- as a way to overcome social anxieties (says the gal who gets dangerously high blood pressure at the grocery store).

But, whats that saying?  
Maybe you should take your own advice (Ryan)!

SO on my blogcation I came up with a little plan-- we'll see how it goes.

feb 2009

Today is my loves birthday.

Last night I surprised him with a homemade-Hawaiian pull apart pizza (uh-maz-ing).

This is the first year I haven't gotten friends assembled for his birthday, so I am feeling like a bad friend-- we live in a new town, and our local friends are working OT, and it's a Monday. So tonight I guess I am going to make him something yummy to eat after I kick his ass at the gym. : P

R is my best friend, favorite buddy, the love of my life and one of the best humans I have ever met-- I am SO GLAD he was born and in my life!

and last but not least... we found a condo that we really like-- it's in a little downtown area near the river, across from a really pretty church that has bells singing all the time. It's actually a very cool deal-- so we'll see what happens. We've decided to stay put until we find something to buy-- I am ready to live near civilization again so I am hoping the process moves along at a good pace. 

In the meantime, we are designing a hydroponic wall system so when we make the move we can start a hydroponic garden on our patio. This is very exciting because we've been talking about hydroponics for years. More on this later I am sure.

AND that's all she wrote.

Anything exciting happen to anyone?



  1. Hmm, I wrote a comment but I'm not sure it went through. I was wondering if you guys want to buy or rent the condo? And also I commiserated with you about your concerns with your blog. :) This comment is a lot lamer than the other one so feel free to dispose of it if you get both.

    1. lol-- I keep deleting comments when i read them on the ipad by accident-- so that is probably what happened!People probably think I am a big jerk haha. I have literally deleted like 45 comments since I got the ipad.

      We want to buy a condo-- A lot of the good deals are foreclosed or bank owned condos, so of course it is a hassle.

      Sorry I keep deleting your comments! :)

  2. I've been feeling somewhat similarly with my blog as of late... I feel like there's this pressure to be really consistent about things... My interests, my post intervals, how I talk about my life, blah blah blah... and I just feel so all over the map lately. I just keep telling myself not to worry about it and just post what I feel like, and to actually use the feature to schedule posts instead of posting something like six posts at once.

  3. I get frustrated with my blog from time to time. Change is always good. I find that, when I make some small changes, I feel much more satisfied with my blogging experience. Whatever your plan is, I hope that it gives you what you need from your blog. I look forward to seeing what you bring to This Must Be The Place!

    And: Happy Birthday, R! I'm sure he was very happy with his birthday. If you want to do a night out with friends you could always make arrangements later in the next few weeks. But in the meantime, spending your birthday with your fiancee and best friend is a perfect way to celebrate.


  4. Grr, I can't reply to your reply! No problem, I hate blogging on my iPad because I always mess stuff up. :)


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