Fluff, Art, Buttons, award & more yoga love.

I am always torn when it comes to fluffy posts on my blog, or too many fluffy posts on other blogs.
I mean it is always good to know people are actually real, and not some machine with really awesome boards on pinterest, but it is also nice to know that one is interested in more things than their day to day & eating habits. It's all about balance.. ya know?

I feel like a fluffy post that comes after a pour my heart out post makes me seem a little loony tunes.. But then again, I don't feel that way about anyone else who does that, so I am sure it is all in my head.. or something.

That said, I am going to reinstate Friday Faves as a weekly feature here on TMBTP.

With an upcoming wedding, a new interest in fashion, an old passion for art rekindling, and a love for beautiful places and music, I thought I'd join in and spread the Internet love.

Fridays will be a double whammy because it is also weigh-in day, however.. by the end of today there will be a tab on the top called "Best Me," or something.. I'll let ya know... so if you care to find out whats going on, in gory detail, as I shed the LBS and get fit, and stuff... then check it out. Like I said, that page doesn't exist just yet, so bare with me as I make some changes to le blog today and through the weekend.

{Also, one of my favorite bloggers, Chelsea @ Perfect in my Mind (a girl who is seriously adorable, and totally hilarious) started "collecting" blogger buttons. I've been thinking about doing that for a little while now, and she convinced me it is a totally good idea, so once I figure out how I want to incorporate buttons aesthetically, I too will be collecting your buttons. If you are interested in displaying your button/link here, just let me know! If you don't have a button, I am sure we can arrange something, I like to practice photoshop. More deets on this at a later time.}

What else is going to change?

Oh yea! Gulps... I am going to start posting my artwork here on a weekly basis. The main reason I have not posted my creative genius (or non-genius, you decide) is because I am petrified of rejection, and sometimes no comments on the piece and it's greatness translates as "YOU SUCK." Artist are sensitive, ya know.. :P

Anyway, it's time to get over all that nonsense. I am sure people don't display your artwork in their living room or school gymnasium if they hate it, I mean that would just be silly.

I'll start off with a mixture of old and new; sometimes pieces will be for sale, sometimes they wont and other times it will be spreads out of my sketchbook.

Can you believe all of this energy has come from practicing yoga?! I don't care what  faith you come from, yoga is an excellent physical practice that just makes you feel AWESOME, inside and out. I wish everyone did yoga, I think the world would be a happier, healthier place.

I am working on a WHY I LOVE YOGA & you should too post, don't you worry.

Oh and I won a versatile blogger award thanks to The Lioness, another blogger whom I rather enjoy. There are some rules attached to it.. so I'll get around to that when the time is right.. but I just wanted to give a quick shout out to The Lioness and her blog. I just love the little community I have found myself in through blogging-- it really wasn't something I expected at all, but I'm glad it happened because I love people who have something to say, and say it loud.

Okay.. I feel like my inner cheerleader is coming out now.. I'll be back later with some favorite things and hopefully a new page dedicated to being awesome. :P




  1. I'm not sure what you mean by fluffy posts. I've never heard the term, and even after reading your post I still can't understand what it means lol. Does fluffy refer to something safe and happy, as opposed to raw and deep?

    Either way, I look forward to your regular features!


  2. Yeah I guess safe is a good word for fluff. :)


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