Up early, aparment complex work out, dragon tattoo and cats! {Oh my!}

This morning I woke up two hours earlier than my usual time. Five in the morning and I was flying out of bed like a bat outta hell; But since I love the morning I'm not complaining.. I just watched the sunrise, cleaned my kitchen, started my coffee and here I be.

Tonight we are going to see the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I am actually a little peeved at myself for not reading the book first, since I heard the books were incredible (the book is always better).. But, I have been trying to finish the last book in the Hunger Games since this summer, so yeah.

Ya know, I am really not sure why it is taking me so long to finish this third book. Maybe I don't want it to be over? Sometimes I just don't want to read fiction, at all, I have read several non-fictions books since the summer, but I just cant seem to finish the last 60 pages of The Hunger Games.

Anyway, R's studio worked on some of the special effects (mainly the digitized characters) for Dragon Tattoo, so we get to go on his employers dime, which is always a plus considering a trip to the movies these days costs a small fortune.

Yesterday I decided to see how long it would take me to weave through the buildings in my apartment complex, climbing up and down every flight of stairs (we are 3 stories and 17 buildings) and sprinting between the buildings for some interval/endurance training. My knees were wobbly by the time I was done, but it felt really great to be outside and working out, I'll try again today with the hopes of shaving off some time, only today I will use a real timer to get an accurate time.

I have a love/hate relationship with the gym. I love the weight machines, and I love being able to keep track of how many calories I am burning on the cardio machines, but I have SO much social anxiety sometimes that I am just really uncomfortable being in a confined space with people I do not know-- I have been trying to focus more on being less anxious in public places... but I'll tell ya, when my "bubble" is being compromised, I am not a happy camper.

This is a fear I have about becoming a yoga instructor-- Yoga instructors often times guide their students bodies into the correct position, and for me that is quite daunting. I wasn't always like this; I use to be a gymnastics instructor, and never had an issue with spotting my students or correcting their form. WHEN DID I BECOME SO WEIRD? It goes to show you that half of your problems are all in your head. I'm am working on all of them. One quirk at a time. 

....and now for some cuteness.

Seriously, this is what I wake up to in the mornings.. I couldn't make it up if I wanted to. R often makes fun of my love for the felines that live with us, but really, they are just so cute all day long that is is close to impossible to not melt in to a crazy cat lady puddle of sap when I come across my sweet sleeping/cuddling/belly exposing/snaggle toothed furballs.

WHY are cats so cute?

Happy Hump Day,

Namaste, r

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  1. My girlfriend always laughs at me because I point out any time my cat does something cute...which is often. I like to think we have some kind of interspecies psychic telepathy going on, where only I can understand the cuteness because he wants me to see it. And only me. Maybe the same is true for you? :D

    Mornings are awesome. I love them. Once I get out of bed I'm fine...but dragging myself out from underneath those comfy covers is an intense struggle. One that I typically lose.



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