Rainbow Airplanes!

Oh my friends, I made a fatal mistake. I woke up to so many amazing comments waiting for moderation this morning, and guess what.. I accidentally deleted all of them. Who does that!?

That's what I get for trying to function without coffee.

So if you don't see your comment published, that is why-- But I did get to at least read all of them before I deleted, so at least you didn't completely waste your time.

Last night we hung out with some of R's work friends for a little while, and we spent a great deal of our time looking for images like this:

 This one is over Hyde Park in Chicago; Some of R's coworkers use to live in Chicago, and so did I, so we were discussing all the neighborhoods, when this airplane came into conversation.  We're thinking {and others online have speculated} the "rainbow" is from the camera taking the RGB spectrum at separate times. Since the plane is in motion (and so is the earth), you then get this effect!

Cool right?

Bushwick, NY

Seattle, WA

South Carolina

Baltimore, MD

Englewood Cliffs, NJ

These are all from Google Earth/Google Maps, crazy right?

It's the little things in life that have me excited!

And also, thanks to all of you who left such great comments about the "It's time" video, it's such an important issue that doesn't always get positive attention. {This is why I was doubly sad to have accidentally deleted comments, I am such a doofus sometimes!}



  1. Haha! You got me all excited by posting the one by Bushwick Ave. I started bouncing and saying "Bushwick Ave! Bushwick Ave! That's near where I live!" I'm a dork.

  2. HaHA! Awesome! I keep looking at them and expecting a unicorn to pop out or something. :P


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