There's no place like {home} from SLC: Lotsa pics!

Hi friends, despite convincing myself that my entire life as I know it would crumble {or burn} to the ground while traveling, I have made it home in one piece and guess what? My apartment complex didn't burn down, Rob is still alive and well and so am I!

Imagine that.

Traveling brings out the worst in my anxiety. All I have to say is thank god for red wine.

Anyway, the trip was a lot of fun. It was really special to be there when Courtney picked out (and purchased) her dress. We don't share many friends, so she gave me permission to share her dress with my blog friends (you'll see it down there).

Despite spending most of the weekend feeling weezy from the altitude {and car sickness} we managed to have a great time-- I got some great footage on the HD handi-cam, so look out for a little short in the near future.

Now, without further ado, some pictures..


I am a big fan of trying out local beers around the country.
This started when I fell in love Chicago's Goose Island 312. 
While I was laid over in Denver I drank a pint of Fat Tire, it is rare that I find that on tap anywhere locally in FL-- Fat tire is a Colorado Beer and it was on tap. yum.
So then I tried a Lager brewed in SLC once Courtney's fiance picked me up from the airport (I can't remember it's name), and then we headed back to the house, picked up some cutthroat and watched funnies on the TV while we waited for Court to come come from work. Cutthroat is a great, heavy bodied pale ale.
I approve.

Saturday spent the day trying to snow, after a few hours of sleet, eventually I got to SLC covered in whiteness, briefly however.. because it was all gone come sunrise.
Court has a great view from her kitchens, mountains all over.
Who is that cute pup? That's Pete-- he's a hoot.
Then we noshed at Red Rock Brewery, where we scarfed down some very unique bruschetta that was delicious!{Nut-crushed goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted garlic and Parmesan crispy bread}
All that high altitude, noshing & wining made me zonk out pretty early-- fortunately for me, Sweet Pete couldn't resist a good cuddle session with his aunty Ry, so my night was spent next to a snoring bull dog and a sweet cat called George.


We started with mimosas and coffee-- Courtney found her dress, then we hit up the mountains since we finally had a clear day to enjoy. I had a yummy Lemon Pepper Salmon sandwich from a place called Porcupine Pub & Grille and then we drove around a little more to see some of SLC's landmarks. We hit up a cemetery and saw a huge buck and his deer ladies and little bambi's-- I have footage of that on the handicam, worry not.


Then I said good-bye to my wacky sweet friend and spent my day amongst the clouds. I had an adult beverage with some ladies I met on the plane, and people watched. (Isn't that old man cute?)

In between being car sick, I took some great footage of our trip up the mountain, so I'll share that when I get around to editing it. :)

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. 
I'm off to the farmers market to get some local veggies so R and I can get back on "track." I came home to take out and pizza boxes all over the place; that might make some people mad, but it made me feel needed. I am happy to be home to take care of my sweet love-- plus, I missed my cats like crazy. (I guess that makes me more weird)

{OH, and this week I am officially starting my yoga journey.}



  1. GREAT photo's from your trip. Glad you had a good time. Thanks for following my blog. Following right back ;-)


  2. Awesome pictures! It looks like you had a great time, and I bet it was spiritually refreshing just to get away for a little bit...even if planes aren't your thing. That's where the red wine comes in handy haha. I'm currently admiring that shot of the Rocky Mountains - I've always wanted to venture West but haven't gone any further than Wisconsin. Btw, that bottle of beer with the red label that was brewed on 10/04/11? Totally brewed on my birthday. Winning!



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