Getting in touch with my dark side: A beauty post.

Almost every fall/winter I like to get in touch with my dark side.

exhibit A: Chicago 2005       exhibit B: R b-day 2009.

This year is no different, except I'm changing my make-up too. Black hair, nude lips, pink cheeks, full lashes.
{Before I was light brown, smoky-eyed and pink lips and blush}

I haven't officially purchased nude lipstick yet, but I did use my foundation all over {heavy on the lips}, and then mixed some of it with a peachy-lipgloss. {It's a lot more "nude" looking in person.} Then I used a blush called Poppy made by Sally Henson, brown and purple pencil on the eyes with sheer white and gold shadows and Maybelline Falsies Volume Express {Flared} mascara {best stuff ever}. 

Before I put anything on my face I used my favorite product, which is a hypoallergenic OTC moisturizer called Vanicreme.

{This is pretty much the best product line I have ever put on my skin. Other products usually make me either break out a lot, dry out my skin or develop a rash-- I was cursed with horrible skin allergies-- the wind can blow the wrong way and I break out in hives.. that being said, other products just have too much happening in them, and do nothing for me. If you've had similar problems try this stuff. Exfoliate twice a week, tone with Witchhazel and wash and moisturize with this stuff. I'm not an expert, but nothing else has worked for me.}

Does anyone else change their look seasonally? I've been known to go blond in the spring. 
What are your favorite trends this year? 

Mine is the nude lip; reminds me of Mona Lisa. :)



  1. ...and you my dear are not only gorgeous yourself, but you are also sugary sweet! :)

  2. I like your new look! (I never trend for the seasons, per se, but this season I'm starting to dress up a little more. Working in a clothing store helped me broaden my horizons beyond T-shirts and jeans lol)



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