Favorite places: Shark Valley {Everglades bike trail}

  Did I share the new addition to our family? She is probably the best bike I have ever sat my butt on. The seat even bounces. {Best birthday present, everr.} This is the '11 Diamond Back Serene Citi; if you are looking for a totally awesome bike ladies.. I highly recommend this one. It's kind of like a mountain bike/cruiser hybrid. I have been riding her everywhere. That being said! I am trying to convince R to take us to the Everglades this weekend so we can check out Shark Valley again. Shark Valley is probably my favorite place in South Florida, especially this time of year; the gators are docile, lazy and out enjoying the sun {great for close ups} and the weather is cool enough to actually enjoy the day soaking in the Everglades, rather than trying to escape it.  

Anyway, it's a 15 mile bike loop through the Everglades, and it is very, very cool there.  At midpoint, there is a look out point, where you can see the Everglades for miles and miles, not to mention more alligators swimming around in the flood lands.
I am fascinated by alligators. As a kid I wanted to be a paleontologist {alligators are prehistoric, right?} and Marine Biologist, only to find out those professions require a lot of math skillz, which I do not possess. 

Here's our trip a few years ago; and I am sure it goes without saying.. Don't approach wildlife, especially if you know nothing about their behaviors, mating seasons or if they have large powerful tails, sharp teeth or venom (Snakes).

 So happy in the sun! <3

I can't wait!!

Happy Humpday all!


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