Potato Salad

Tonight we are BBQing with friends-- and I am making my famous Potato Salad. 

Here's my recipe:
(I'll post a picture later when I make it)
6 servings

6 white potatoes
4 garlic cloves
1 part olive oil mayo, 1 part plain yogurt
Spicy brown mustard
2 Roma tomatoes minus seeds/juice
1/2 c onion (Red or yellow)
Bacon bits (optinal)
 3 hard boiled eggs
dill pickle juice

Cut potatoes into bite sized pieces, and quarter garlic cloves: Boil potatoes and garlic in SALTED WATER until potatoes are soft. Hard boil your eggs in a smaller pan while potatoes are cooking. Once potatoes are cool, add  pepper, mayo/yogurt and mustard to taste and a dash of pickle juice, stir in onions, tomatoes (diced), hard boiled eggs (diced) and bacon bits. Refrigerate for at least an hour & serve!

Okays that's all for now. 

Have a safe weekend blogland.


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