Recycle much?

When R and I were still making plans to move in together we discussed a lot of things.. the preliminary stuff, like.. deciding to have separate bathrooms, or deciding to not go out to dinner during the week. 

One of the other things we agreed on was a mutual commitment to reuse and recycle as much as we could.. even if that meant going out of our way to do so (our apartment complex doesn't recycle).

We both agreed this wouldn't be a problem because surely there is a recycle facility somewhere close, and it would be a mild inconvenience for something good. 

Totally worth it. 

Well my friends, it turns out there is indeed a recycling facility close by. 
But guess what.. 
I can't take my recyclables there. 

I told the lady it seemed pretty ass backwards that a recycling plant didn't want to take perfectly good recyclables just because they were dropped off by a willing citizen instead of being delivered via dump truck.
Is that discrimination!?
I even told her I would pay for the bins if I could just drop it off since my complex doesn't offer recycling. 
No. can. do.

Now, I am not like a complete freak about recycling or anything, but I will admit it does bother me when people do not consider how much waste they are producing and then do not discard said waste responsibly-- especially when most of that waste has a final resting place in a landfill somewhere outside of town and I am no scientist, but I think it would be safe to say that a majority of waste is not biodegradable-- so because I am bothered by that, I try to be mindful. 

For example: 
I almost never use produce bags at the grocery store or market. 
I use paper or reusable bags instead of plastic
I buy my milk products in cardboard containers over plastic containers (almond milk represent).
Pyrex over tupper-ware, no paper plates, and I save sauce (mason) jars and use them as extra water glasses.

But despite my efforts, I can't save every sauce jar.. and thus waste is inevitable.

I am bound and determined to find a way to get rid of my recyclables responsibly in PSL.

I saw this Ted Talk today, which inspired me to reach out to some local businesses to see if they are willing to sponsor a recycling program for the community.

There HAS to be a way. 

How does your community recycle?


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  1. I think it's shameful that they won't accept your recyclables. They're a Recycling Center...it's kind of their job. You would expect them to be happy that you're going the extra mile, but no. Bureaucracy. Red tape. Don't you love it?



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