Friday Faves: A happy garden and some happy nails.

Okay- I love the nail decor fad that's happening. 

I'm not really one to give fashion advice-- mostly because I've been wearing the same crap since I was 20 and anything I think looks cute or fashionable probably makes me a great candidate for the TLC show What Not To Wear-- you know us weird, arty, nerdy/hippie chicks, we always look quirky, but not always in a good way. ha. I know I am not alone.

Anyway, while I am keeping my wardrobe low-key, I've been having fun playing with my nails. I've done a few designs and keep getting complemented by people whom I have deemed appropriate even fashionable dressers, so I thought I'd start showing off my nails since I've been having so much fun, and I don't mind the ego stroke.

OPI Nail Polish You Don't Know Jacques! as the base (My fave color for the past 3 months btw) and I have some nail polish pens from a few Christmas' ago that I used for the details.

And now, my Happy Garden.

...and I've been soaking some clippings from my one of my Ficus Trees for about a month now & this is what is happening...

Cool right?
I do this with all of my plants, and then give them to friends or repopulate my own garden.

Once I get some more roots on this guy, I'm going to put him in some soil and prep him for a new home. 
I am giving LIFE to my loved ones this holiday season in form of my sweet plants offspring. 
I love my plants. 

Tending to my garden is right next to playing with cats/kittens with a laser pointer 
on my Favorite Things To Do list..

Anyway nature is cool, and so are you.



  1. LOVIN' those nails...I feel the same way, too, btw. I'm not exactly a fashion professional...I wear t-shirts and jeans WAY too much. But I love playing with my hair, make-up and nails.


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