I surprised my baby sister today by picking her up from aftercare. 
It's her 8th birthday on the 30th. 

I seriously can't believe she is 8. 
The first thing she said to me was...
"Ryyyy-nin, I heard you are getting married.. maybe when I am ten...if you have any babies I can take care of her for you.. maybe mommy will let me keep her like you saiiiiid."

(A few weeks ago I promised Hayden my first born child in exchange for some silence at breakfast... the kid talks a lot, and sometimes without coffee..... it's a little too much to handle-- she is obsessed with babies, so I told her she could have any future children I may fruit.)

Also for about 2 years she referred to R as her "boyfriend," awkward/funny.

I took her to my favorite place for sweet treats as a kiddo.
R and I grew up on Rainbow Snowcones-- 
He likes Cocoanut cream, I like Banana-Blueberry. 

It's the best stuff ever. 

Hayden got rainbow, and said mind tasted like nail polish. 
(clearly she knows nothing.)

Then we went for a walk through the neighborhood and raised some hell.

I totally encourage bad behavior. I can't help it; when she is bad, it is so cute.

Hayden wanted her picture on a porch she thought was pretty and she took advantage of someones {available} backyard swing. (Whatttt? I did not encourage that!)

We had so much fun I decided it was necessary to spoil her with cupcakes. 
SO, we got cupcakes too.

I almost cried giving her back to the after-care program. 
I love my farkle faced little sis. 
She is seriously an awesome little dude.

Happy Birthday Hayden, you will never understand the many ways your have change my life. You are sunshine on a cloudy day, the beat to my drum, and the most precious gift I have ever been given. Thank you for being such a spunky little kid, and thinking its great when I call you bratzilla. Love you little sis!

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  1. This is the cutest post ever. I love how you bribed her with a CHILD in exchange for silence at breakfast. That's awesome. Also, I fully support shenanigans when it comes to children...that makes the adventures so much more fun.


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