80's Dinner Recap

The 80's potluck was a hoot.

A little R & r snapshot. <3

The dinner theme was childhood favorites-- since most of us grew up in the 80's. 
Here's what we had:

Green bean casserole, Apple pie, 5-layer bean dip, Chicken fingers, Guacamole, Hot dogs, S'mores and rob made some kick ass Margaritas from scratch! I have a friend who was of-age in the 80's so he brought beer. (I have so much beer in my house right now its crazy.)

You can see my whole look by clicking here.

 Oh look, RUN DMC stopped by with his homies. 
These are some of the most talented and awesome folks I know.

Emily totally won best dressed.

Once we were done eating and swimming... it was time for S'mores and PJ's 
(yes, we had a grown up sleepover-- No drinking and driving please.)
While the rest of us put on our sweatpants and tshirts, Zach surprised us all with his sweet little Mario jammies. 
Leave it to Z to bring the ridiculous.

xo, r


  1. The guy in the Mario jammies is so full of win. Mario isn't as '80s as, say, Whitesnake...but still, good enough! I think I have one more entry to go and then I'm done bombing your blog with comments haha.

  2. You should have seen him dress up for the Thor premier. He's a hoot n' a half.


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